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New Economy Project’s podcast, Let’s Be Real, introduces you to the people, places, and organizations at the forefront of the movement for justice in NYC. Interviews with organizers on the ground will let you know what’s happening across the five boroughs, and how you can get involved. The podcast is hosted by our very own […]

Please join us for our 2017 Breakfast Series. Presenters will kick off lively discussions about racial and economic justice organizing in NYC. Come share ideas, connect, and get involved.

Thomas J. Curry has only one week left as Comptroller of the Currency. But America’s chief regulator of national banks isn’t acting like it. Despite intense opposition from community advocates and conservatives alike, Curry, an Obama appointee, is doubling down on an ill-advised plan that would allow online lenders and other so-called fintech firms to rip people off.

As federal actions threaten immigrants’ rights and economic security, immigrant New Yorkers are rightly concerned about how to protect themselves and their families. Here, you’ll find answers to frequently asked questions about immigrants’ financial rights, based on current laws and information.

Next City — Lazy. Leeches. Moochers. Takers. These are just some of the false aspersions cast upon the poor, often by policymakers who are seeking to justify cuts to programs that benefit the poor, from public housing to food stamps. It’s not worth helping them, they say, because the poor don’t work or contribute anything back to society.

El Diario — El próximo martes 7 de marzo estaba previsto que entrara en vigor una regulación del departamento de Trabajo del estado de Nueva York que imponía cambios en el uso de las tarjetas de débito para pagar salarios, imponía una serie de requisitos de información y consentimiento por parte del trabajador. La frase está escrita en pasado porque ya no va a ocurrir en esa fecha y podría no entrar en vigor nunca.