Impact Litigation

In April 2016, New Economy Project filed a federal lawsuit against the debt collection law firm Kavulich and Associates on behalf of Romain Prage, a low-income New Yorker. The lawsuit alleges that Kavulich violated federal debt collection and state consumer protection laws, and explicitly subverted New York’s Exempt Income Protection Act. Mr. Prage is seeking monetary and injunctive relief.

In November 2015, New Economy Project and allies reached a groundbreaking $59 million settlement in a class action lawsuit charging a network of debt collectors with civil racketeering (RICO), deceptive practices, and violations of federal debt collection law.

New Economy Project brought this case against Chase in 2012, exposing the banks’ role in facilitating — and profiting from — payday lenders’ illegal lending and debt collection practices. A 2013 settlement resulted in significant practice changes at the bank.