The NYC DREAMer Fund makes grants to cover DACA renewal application fees for eligible NYC residents. Interest-free loans are also available for people who qualify.

Apply to the DACA Fund:

1. Make an appointment with a nonprofit group that can help you prepare your DACA renewal application and immediately apply for a grant or a 0% interest loan.

2. After completing your DACA application, work with an advocate to apply for a:

GRANTClick here to begin an online grant application 

LOAN: For more information or to apply for a 0% interest loan, please call 212-680-5100.

Don’t live in NYC? Click here for other resources.

Want to help cover a DACA recipient’s $495 renewal fee?
Donate now – please specify “DACA Fund” on the form. Please help spread the word!


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About the Fund

New Economy Project has operated the NYC DREAMer Fund since 2012, making 0% interest loans to cover DACA application fees for hundreds of New Yorkers. In September 2017, New Economy Project expanded the fund to make rapid-response grants.

New Economy Project partners with dozens of nonprofit organizations that can help you prepare your DACA application and immediately apply for our:

  • Grants — if you face financial hardship, based on income guidelines.
  • 0% interest loans. We partner with Lower East Side People’s FCU and Brooklyn Cooperative FCU to provide loans to eligible applicants.

For more info, please email us or call 212-680-5100.

New Economy Project will operate the program as long as we have sufficient funds to grant and/or lend. We will immediately post notice on our website of any changes.