Public Comments

I’m pleased to present testimony on behalf of Public Bank NYC, a broad-based coalition New Economy project co-founded and coordinates. Public Bank NYC is made up of community, civil rights, environmental, and economic justice groups fighting for the creation of a municipal public bank – chartered to serve the public interest, accountable to New Yorkers, and rooted in principles of racial and economic justice.

A diverse group of organizations calls on the New York Federal Reserve Presidential Search Committee to conduct an open and transparent search process, and focus on identifying an individual with a proven track record of leadership, effectiveness in engaging with ordinary Americans, a strong understanding of the broader economy, and a firm commitment to the Federal Reserve’s mandate of fostering maximum employment and price stability.

Groups from across New York City urged Comptroller Stringer to immediately and permanently divest New York City’s pension funds from payday lending companies – whose loans are categorically illegal in New York. City pension funds invested more than $20 million in payday lending and high-cost installment lending companies in 2016. Additionally, City pension funds invested nearly $160 million in Lone Star Fund VIII, a private equity fund that owns DFC Global, Inc.,i which, in turn, owns several payday lenders, including Money Mart and The Check Cashing Store.

In our testimony, we outline important changes to Intro. 1269 that are needed before it moves forward. We also are pleased to highlight the rapidly-expanding landscape of community land trusts in our city and additional policy recommendations by our alliance. We understand that Intro 1269 is a first step toward strong local policymaking to advance CLTs, and we look forward to continued dialogue with the Council.