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About the Community Equity Agenda

In 2017, New Economy Project launched the New York State Community Equity Agenda, a broad-based, statewide coalition dedicated to transformational change in our state’s approach to economic development. The coalition now includes nearly 50 organizations – including community, labor, civil rights, and legal services groups, cooperative organizations, and community development financial institutions. New Economy Project continues to coordinate and staff this dynamic coalition in its work to advance economic democracy and racial justice through a solutions-oriented platform.

Equity Agenda victories include winning first-in-the-nation state-level funding for community development financial institutions (CDFIs), winning with allies the exemption of federal stimulus payments from debt collection, and repeatedly blocking industry-backed efforts to weaken New York’s consumer protection laws and legalize payday lending and other predatory financial practices.

The coalition’s active campaigns include fighting for a statewide framework for public banking, funding for CDFIs, support for worker-owned businesses, the expansion of community land trusts and social housing, and an end to redlining and systemic wealth extraction in New York.

For more information on the coalition’s policy priorities, members, and recent activity please visit EquityAgendaNY.org.

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