payroll cards

New Economy Project opposes the proposed bill, which fails to adequately protect workers from unfair fees and other abusive payroll card practices. Indeed, the bill would directly undercut NYS Department of Labor’s (DOL) strong payroll card regulations, adopted last year, which community, labor, consumer, and civil rights groups across the state have enthusiastically supported.

Next City — Lazy. Leeches. Moochers. Takers. These are just some of the false aspersions cast upon the poor, often by policymakers who are seeking to justify cuts to programs that benefit the poor, from public housing to food stamps. It’s not worth helping them, they say, because the poor don’t work or contribute anything back to society.

El Diario — El próximo martes 7 de marzo estaba previsto que entrara en vigor una regulación del departamento de Trabajo del estado de Nueva York que imponía cambios en el uso de las tarjetas de débito para pagar salarios, imponía una serie de requisitos de información y consentimiento por parte del trabajador. La frase está escrita en pasado porque ya no va a ocurrir en esa fecha y podría no entrar en vigor nunca.

Capital & Main — Torrance Chambers has been calling Andy Puzder for weeks to talk to him about a problem with his paycheck from the Hardee’s restaurant where he works in Birmingham, Alabama. Ordinarily, Chambers wouldn’t bother the CEO of the fast-food chain’s parent company, CKE, Inc., but he claims his shift leader, store manager and several higher-ups told him no one else could help him.

Our organizations commend New York State Governor Cuomo and the NYS Department of Labor for adopting critical new payroll card regulations that protect workers’ hard-earned wages. An estimated 13,000 businesses in New York State pay approximately 200,000 workers through payroll cards. New York’s wage laws have not kept up with the proliferation of the cards, and studies have shown that low-wage workers often end up paying high and hidden fees to access their own wages, among other problems.