Building A New Economy

Our current economic system is unsustainable—for our neighborhoods, our city, and our planet. What would it look like to live in a world that valued regeneration and cooperation? What would it take to transform the current economy into one rooted in racial, economic, gender, and environmental justice? 

New Economy Project’s curriculum, Building a New Economy: A People’s Guide, engages community groups in addressing these questions and provides a framework for understanding our current economy and charting a path to transformative solutions. 

The core curriculum is split into two parts, with optional modules available for additional customization. In part one, participants identify systems of extraction in our current economy and examine how those systems operate at neighborhood and citywide levels, and beyond. This provides a foundation for part two, where participants envision what a new economy could and should look like in their community.

Workshops are tailored to groups’ current campaigns and designed to connect ongoing work with efforts to establish cooperative institutions and economic democracy throughout New York City. New economy modules include:

  • Public Banking
  • Community Land Trusts
  • Cooperative Finance
  • Just Transition
  • Food Justice
  • Gender Justice
  • Restorative Justice
  • Workplace Democracy
  • Ecological Sustainability

Contact us to request a workshop for your organization’s staff or community members.