New Economy Project’s campaigns challenge systemic discrimination and build the institutions, policies and public support needed for a new and just economy.

Our campaigns promote cooperative and community-led development, to democratize and build economic power, and challenge corporations that harm communities and perpetuate inequality, segregation and poverty. We believe this dual strategy is necessary to achieve lasting, transformational change.

New Economy Project wages campaigns in coalition with community, labor, civil rights and social justice groups throughout NYC.  Our core campaigns are:

Public Bank NYC, a municipal public bank campaign rooted in economic and racial justice. Through public banking, NYC can divest from Wall Street banks, reinvest public deposits to support equitable and cooperative development, and promote transparency and accountability in municipal finance.

Advancing Community Land Trusts, through co-leadership of the NYC Community Land Initiative (NYCCLI) and one-on-one work with community groups seeking to organize community land trusts. With NYCCLI, we are building a broad movement for permanently-affordable housing and community control over land. Since fall 2017, we have coordinated the NYC CLT Learning Exchange, with NYCCLI partners.

Making NYC a Hub for Cooperative Economics, through coalition-building and policy change that supports and brings together community land trusts; worker, housing, financial and food co-ops; and other models of cooperative, community-led development.

Advancing NYS Community Equity Agenda, to ensure economic justice and self-determination in New York’s low income neighborhoods and communities of color. The agenda includes strategies to build individual and community wealth; hold banks accountable; and keep predatory lending out of NY.