This episode, we focus on the payday lending industry’s most recent attempt to legalize high-cost predatory lending in New York. We feature a conversation with New York State Assemblymember Yuh-Line Niou about the importance of standing up for strong consumer protections as a matter of racial and economic justice. We also sit down with New Economy Project’s Campaigns Director, Andy Morrison, to discuss a vision for financial justice for New York City’s communities.

Yes! Magazine — “It’s kind of fundamental to their mission,” says Deyanira Del Rio at New Economy Project, an organization that seeks to build democratic local economies by supporting a range of cooperative enterprises. “Not just helping people tap into financial services…but creating opportunities to purchase owned homes and have real economic roots [in the neighborhood]…to help combat some of the forces of gentrification.”


Joint report summarizing opportunities to create a resource and advocacy hub to support cooperative economics in NYC. New Economy Project issued the report with Lower East Side People’s Federal Credit Union, NYC Network of Worker Cooperatives, SolidarityNYC, and The Working World.