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Daily News — It turns out that the same MTA that fails, frustrates and delays New Yorkers daily shows astounding, relentless energy when it comes to seizing the tax refunds and slapping liens on the wages of subway customers accused of breaking low-level rules like smoking on a platform or riding between cars.

Inside City Hall — Our Legal Director Susan Shin joins plaintiff David Evans and Katherine Deabler-Meadows from the National Center for Law and Economic Justice to discuss a lawsuit filed against the New York City Transit Authority, alleging the agency is enforcing judgments against riders for decades-old infractions and then seizing their tax refunds without their knowledge.

Amazon’s decision to withdraw its proposed headquarters from Queens is a huge win for New Yorkers and New York communities, and should mark a dramatic turning point in New York’s approach to economic development.

The next DFS Superintendent must commit to taking bold action against financial companies that systematically exploit New Yorkers and extract wealth from New York communities. As the state’s chief regulator of the banking, insurance, check cashing, bail bond, and other financial industries, DFS has an obligation to advance racial, gender and economic justice. Given the Trump administration’s gutting of the federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and its ongoing attacks on immigrants, people of color and women, the need for a bold and resolute state financial regulator has never been clearer.

Our organizations support the concept of “postal banking,” as a potentially transformative form of public banking. As banks continue to redline New York neighborhoods — perpetuating poverty, inequality, and segregation — bold solutions like postal banking are clearly needed. Some recently-introduced proposals, however, would exacerbate our two-tiered financial system and promote debt as a solution to people’s financial struggles.