Why We March on May Day

New Economy Project with OUR Walmart at a Fight For 15 Rally this past April.

New Economy Project with members of OUR Walmart at a Fight For 15 rally this past April.

This May Day, New Economy Project is proud to march with workers from across the city and globe for worker justice and against income inequality.

Today’s march will begin outside Walmart heiress and owner Alice Walton’s penthouse, where Walmart workers fired for organizing for better working conditions will deliver a message to Ms. Walton.  Walmart, one of the wealthiest corporations in the world and this country’s largest employer, drives income inequality by pushing out local businesses and funneling displaced workers into poverty wage jobs at its stores.

As a member of Walmart Free NYC,  a coalition of labor, community, economic and racial justice groups working to keep Walmart and its abusive practices out of our city, we stand with Walmart workers organizing across the country for higher pay and better working conditions.

We hope you’ll join us!


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