Ten Reasons to Support New Economy Project

Check out the list below of just 10 ways that your support helps us fight for economic justice for all New Yorkers. Donate $250 or more, or become a monthly sustainer, and we’ll send you a limited-edition New Economy Project totebag!


#10 – Winning Groundbreaking Support for Community Land Trusts (CLTs)

Community Land Trusts

As coordinators of the New York City Community Land Initiative, we’re spearheading CLT coalition-building and providing critical support to groups organizing for CLTs, permanently-affordable housing, and community-controlled development. This year, we led a campaign that secured major new funding from NYC for emerging CLTs, and wrapped up facilitation of a two-year peer learning exchange for groups launching CLTs in their neighborhoods.


#9 – Hard-Hitting Policy Advocacy

Policy Advocacy

For more than two decades, New Economy Project has always spoken truth to power. In all we do, we bring our deep expertise, rigor, and an unyielding commitment to economic and racial justice.


#8 – Fighting Systemic Discrimination

Impact Litigation

New Economy Project challenges Wall Street corporations – and wins. Our legal team represents New Yorkers who are fighting systemic exploitation and discrimination by big banks, predatory lenders, and debt collectors. Through our successful litigation, we have secured tens of millions of dollars in relief for New Yorkers and brought about significant policy changes.


#7 – Engaging Groups in New Economy Activism


Imagine people having power over their own livelihoods, workplaces, and futures. Here at New Economy Project, we support worker co-ops, for example, through hands-on training, coalition building and policy advocacy, and community loan fund investments.


#6 – Cutting-Edge Research & Community Mapping


Our neighborhood mapping & research supports economic justice organizing in NYC. From bank branches to mortgage lending, foreclosures, and debt collection, we shine a light on stark inequities in NYC neighborhoods. Help us continue this important work.


#5 – Building Power for a Statewide Equity Agenda

Equity Agenda

We lead the NYS Community Equity Agenda, calling for concrete policies and actions that transform — rather than merely reform — our fundamentally unjust social, political and economic systems. The broad-based Community Equity coalition is putting racial and economic justice front and center to address long-standing inequities that play out in neighborhoods and regions throughout the state.


#4 – Producing Podcasts and Other Media to Amplify the Movement


Corporate media getting you down? Check out New Economy Project’s podcast, Let’s Be Real, to hear from the people and organizations at the forefront of the movement for economic and racial justice in NYC. Subscribe today!


#3 – Helping Thousands of New Yorkers


As we work to transform our economy, New Yorkers are getting mauled by our exploitative financial system. That’s why we operate the NYC Financial Justice Hotline and lead community workshops all over NYC, providing top-notch, free legal assistance and know-your-rights information to thousands of immigrants, New Yorkers of color, women, and older adults.


#2 – Advocating for Community-Led Economic Development

Community-Led Development

More than ever, megacorporations are attempting to control citywide economic development. Through our new economy curriculum, workshops, and other organizing support, New Economy Project works with groups to support neighborhood-led institutions—like community development credit unions and community solar—that empower local residents to determine the future of their neighborhoods.


#1 – Fighting for a Public Bank for NYC

Public Bank

New Economy Project is building a grassroots movement to create a public bank for NYC. It’s time to take our public money out of Wall Street banks that harm communities and destroy the planet, and to invest in community-led development. The Public Bank NYC coalition officially launched in 2018, and momentum for a municipal public bank is growing strong here in New York!