2019 Workshop Series

Please join us for our 2019 New Economy Workshop Series!

The workshop series brings together community leaders and organizers from across New York City to learn about pressing economic justice issues and explore strategies for change. Sessions focus on building a just economy rooted in equity, cooperation, community self-determination, racial, gender, and economic justice, and ecological sustainability.

$30 per session.

The workshop series is open to staff and members of NYC-based community organizing and advocacy groups only. Location provided upon registration.  All sessions run from 10 am – 1 pm. 

Register here. Scholarships available on limited basis. Light breakfast provided. Grantees of the Mertz Gilmore Foundation or New York Women’s Foundation, click here for free registration. 

For more information, contact Juleon Robinson by email or at 212-680-5100, Ext. 209. Click here for flyer!


May 16, 2019 – Building a Cooperative City

What would a just economy look like? This session will feature the work of constituent-led groups building the cooperative economy in NYC. Participants will hear about ongoing campaigns for environmental justice, neighborhood self-determination, and cooperative financial institutions, and discuss strategies for creating a just and equitable economy.

Guest presenters: Annel Hernandez, New York City Environmental Justice Alliance and Maureen Genna, Lower East Side People’s Federal Credit Union


May 28, 2019 – Taking on Wall Street: From Redlining to Resistance

Come learn about financial justice organizing in NYC. This session will focus on community-led efforts to challenge Wall Street’s extraction of wealth from neighborhoods of color and immigrant neighborhoods. Participants will learn about grassroots efforts to organize against structural discrimination in our banking system—from anti-redlining challenges in the 1970s to the bank divestment movement and recently-launched campaign to create a public bank for NYC.

Guest presenter: Gregory Jost, Banana Kelly Community Improvement Association


June 11, 2019 – How Do We Get There? Creating a Just Transition

As we work to transform our economy, we must ensure the transition is equitable and community-led. Participants will break down the concept of “just transition,” a critical framework for environmental and economic justice groups, and discuss how democratic organizing principles must be incorporated into campaigns for justice in NYC and beyond.


June 18, 2019 – Women in the New Economy

In this session, we will unpack the ways gender inequity is embedded in our current economic system and envision a new economy free from the oppression of patriarchy and sexism. Participants will work together to identify strategies and milestones necessary to actualize this vision of the future. NYC-based Women’s Organizing Network will discuss its ongoing work to foreground gender justice in the movement for a just economy.

Guest presenters: Azadeh Khalili; and Dahlia Goldenberg, Women’s Organizing Network


July 9, 2019 – Messaging the New Economy

A powerful, shared narrative can break through and break down preconceived notions of what kind of economy is possible. Participants will discuss how to craft powerful messaging for their own campaigns, then work in small groups to practice weaving together communications strategies that strengthen the movement for justice.