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Fall 2022 Briefing for Supporters



Summer 2022 Briefing for Supporters



New Yorkers Speak Out: Ms. Sandoval



Spring 2022 Briefing for Supporters



New Yorkers Speak Out: Mr. Rosa Martínez



Public Banking Around the World: Lessons for New York



Fall Briefing for Supporters



Public Bank Campaign Highlight Reel



Mid-Year Briefing for Supporters



The New York State Community Equity Agenda – 2020



WBAI Speaks with New Economy Project and New York Communities for Change



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CDFI Profile – Brooklyn Cooperative Federal Credit Union



Public Bank NYC – Climate Finance Day



New Yorkers Speak Out: Screwed By Banks



New Yorkers Speak Out: Debt Collection



New Yorkers Speak Out: Debt Collection



Public Bank NYC Campaign Launch



Public Bank NYC – Wall Street Vs. NYC Family Feud



New Economy Project Speaks Out:
Nine Ideas for the New Year



New Yorkers Speak Out: Community Land Trusts



NYCCLI: New York, We Got a Problem


New Yorkers Speak Out: DREAMer Loan Fund


New Yorkers Speak Out Against Employment Credit Checks


New Yorkers Speak Out Against Wells Fargo’s Lending & Foreclosure Practices


“I’m just struggling, struggling. It’s me alone, I have no help. I want to stay in my house. ” – Verjie, Cambria Heights, Queens homeowner

“I want my home. I want to pay for my home. But I don’t want to pay for [Wells Fargo’s] mistakes.”  – Audrey, Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn homeowner

“I owe Wells Fargo…more than $600,000. My home is worth $350,000.” – Monica, Queens Village, Queens homeowner

“If Wells Fargo helped me through the modification process, I know I could afford it. But they’ll have nothing to do with us.” – Alvin, Cambria Heights, Queens homeowner

New Yorkers Speak Out Against Bank of America

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