Immigrant Financial Justice Reports

Immigrant Financial Justice Reports

New Economy Project has long been a leader on immigrant financial justice issues, in New York City and nationally. The following reports address systemic barriers that immigrant communities face to fair banking and credit access, and strategies to press for change.

Mortgage Lending and Foreclosures in Immigrant Communities (February 2010)
A report exploring how the subprime lending and foreclosure crises have affected immigrant communities, with a focus on NYC as a case example.  Commissioned by the Kirwan Institute for its Future of Fair Credit and Fair Housing initiative, the paper describes specific barriers that low income and undocumented immigrants face to securing housing and credit on fair terms, and includes recommendations to combat lending discrimination and expand fair housing opportunity.

Ensuring Access to Fair and Affordable Financial Services: A survey report on barriers faced by low-income immigrants in NYC (February 2009)
A summary of findings of a NYC-wide immigrant banking survey — the first of its kind conducted in NYC.  New Economy Project and the NYC Immigrant Financial Justice Network conducted the survey to increase understanding about immigrant New Yorkers’ financial services experiences and needs.

Conference Report: Promoting Financial Justice for Immigrant New Yorkers (August 2006)
A conference report on how NYC immigrant communities are eliminating barriers to financial justice and pressing for accountability from banks, money transmitters and other institutions.

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