Alliances & Coalitions

New Economy Project leads or actively participates in coalitions working for economic and racial justice.

We currently lead the following coalitions:

NYC Community Land Initiative — an alliance co-founded by New Economy Project and Picture the Homeless that advocates for community land trusts (CLTs) and community-controlled housing and neighborhood development.

NYC Public Bank Coalition — a coalition of community, labor and civil rights groups and community development financial institutions leading the campaign for a public bank for New York City.

NYS Financial Justice Coalition — a coalition dedicated to preserving New York’s strong consumer protection laws and advancing a framework for progressive consumer finance and community reinvestment.

PaydayFreeLandia — a coalition of groups in 15 states and the District of Columbia dedicating to keeping their states free from the scourge of payday loans.

We also actively participate in:

Americans for Financial Reform — a national coalition formed in the wake of the 2008 crisis that presses for strong financial regulation and Wall Street accountability.

Worker Cooperative Support Network — committed to building the necessary infrastructure so that worker coops can thrive in NYC.

NY Renews — a statewide coalition of over 100 organizations dedicated to promoting good jobs and climate justice with 100% clean, renewable energy.

Divest NY — a coalition of NYC-based groups calling on New York City to divest its pension funds from fossil fuel companies driving climate destruction.

Our past coalitions include:

NYC Coalition to Stop Credit Checks in Employment — a coalition of community, labor, civil rights, student and immigrant groups that successfully pressed NYC in 2015 to pass the nation’s strongest law banning employment credit checks — a pernicious form of employment discrimination that disproportionately harms low income New Yorkers and people of color. New Economy Project launched and staffed the coalition.

New Yorkers for Responsible Lending (NYRL) — a statewide coalition with 160+ members that advocates for fair financial services access and the preservation of assets for all New Yorkers and their communities.  New Economy Project founded NYRL in 2000 and staffed the 160+ member statewide coalition until 2015.

NYS Payroll Cards Working Group — a coalition of labor, community and consumer groups that in 2016 won groundbreaking NYS rules regulating employer’s use of payroll cards — including to eliminate high and hidden fees that unfairly deplete low wage workers’ pay. The rules were blocked from going into effect in 2017 and are now on appeal in the NYS Supreme Court.

NYC Immigrant Financial Justice Network — a coalition launched in 2004 that worked for over a decade to eliminate discriminatory barriers that low income and undocumented immigrants face in the banking, credit and tax systems; through grassroots research & reports, know-your-rights community education, and policy advocacy.

NYC Municipal ID Campaign — a coalition that successfully campaigned for IDNYC, the nation’s largest municipal identification card program implemented in 2014. As a steering committee member, our efforts focused on ensuring that IDNYC was designed as a tool for financial and economic inclusion.

Multi-State Financial Justice Collaboration — an alliance of statewide groups — including California Reinvestment Coalition, Reinvestment Partners in North Carolina, and Woodstock Institute in Illinois — that worked together to end usurious refund anticipation loans (RALs); call for a ban on payday lending; and expose racial lending disparities, in its Paying More for the American Dream report series.

Wal-Mart Free NYC — for which we developed campaign material addressing the harmful impact of Walmart’s financial services on communities.

SWEAT Campaign  a group of grassroots organizations, workers centers, legal service providers and advocates fighting to ensure that New York’s workers are able to recover the wages they are owed by employers.

Justice for Job Seekers — a coalition seeking an end to employment agency fraud against immigrant and low wage workers. New Economy Project provided policy and strategy support to the coalition.