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Daily News, Op-Ed — In the best of times, predatory debt collection is a scourge that siphons wealth from New Yorkers, destabilizes neighborhoods and perpetuates racial and economic inequality. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, allowing debt collectors to continue to hound New Yorkers and take their money is jeopardizing people’s lives.

The next four episodes of Let’s Be Real focus on the NYS Community Equity Agenda, a statewide coalition that is calling for economic development that is community-led and grounded in community wealth-building and racial and economic justice. Each episode zooms in on an Equity Agenda priority, from promoting community-controlled financial institutions to ending wealth extraction throughout New York.

Our team has been working remotely since the COVID-19 outbreak began in New York – feeling fortunate that we have that option. We are keeping our NYC Financial Justice Hotline open, and have received alarming calls from many New Yorkers who are being hounded by debt collectors, despite the crisis.