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Standing Up for DACA

New Economy Project is outraged by Trump’s termination of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), a program that since 2012 has provided protection from deportation, work permits, and other opportunities to more than 40,000 New Yorkers and 800,000 people around the country.

Immigrant youth mobilized, fought for and won DACA, courageously putting themselves at risk to share their stories and demand justice. Trump’s revocation of DACA cruelly unravels these gains, and represents yet another racist attack on immigrant communities by this administration.

We support the rights of DREAMers – and all immigrants – to live with dignity and justice. In the face of this attack, we are immediately expanding our NYC DREAMer Loan Fund. Over the next month, we will make 0% interest loans, and a limited number of grants, to cover DACA renewal fees for eligible NYC residents – who must apply to USCIS by October 5, 2017.

We are reaching out to the hundreds of young New Yorkers who have borrowed from our nonprofit fund since we launched it in 2012, to connect them with legal, financial and other resources that can help them navigate their next steps at this crucial time.

And we join with United We Dream and other DREAMer-led organizations in demanding that Congress create permanent protections for immigrant youth.

We must all speak out.

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Help cover fees for DACA renewals in NYC. Click here to donate – please specify “DACA Fund” on the form.