2017 Workshop Series

Workshop CollageScenes from 2016 workshop series

We are excited to announce our 2017 workshop series. Each workshop brings together organizers from community base-building groups across New York City to learn from and with each other. This year’s sessions focus on strategies for building a just economy rooted in democracy, community self-determination, sustainability, racial justice and equity. Each session will address new economy organizing in the context of heightened attacks on our communities.

$30 per session. Attend all four workshops for $100.

All sessions run from 10 am – 1 pm. Register here or return this form to New Economy Project. The workshop series is open to staff and members of NYC-based community organizing and advocacy groups only. Location provided upon registration.  

Scholarships available on limited basis. Light breakfast provided.

For more information, contact Lauren Wilfong by email or at 212-680-5100, Ext. 202.

Click here for flyer!

October 4, 2017 – Welcome to the New Economy!
What would a just economy look like, and why does it matter? This session will introduce participants to the “new economy” framework, highlighting efforts in NYC to organize community-controlled, democratically-structured housing, land use, workplaces, financial institutions, and more. Hear from leaders in the movement and add to a collective vision for a new economy in NYC. Connect to current campaigns and spark new ones as we discuss case studies and strategies for creating a just and equitable economy.

October 25, 2017 – Taking on Wall Street: From Redlining to Resistance
Come get a crash course in financial justice organizing in NYC. This session will focus on community-led efforts to challenge Wall Street’s systematic extraction of wealth from immigrant neighborhoods and communities of color. Participants will learn about efforts to organize against structural discrimination in our banking system – from anti-redlining challenges starting in the 1970s onward to the bank divestment movement and emerging campaign to create a public bank for NYC. We will discuss grassroots campaigns and explore strategies for advancing economic justice in NYC.

November 8, 2017 – Building a New Economy: A People’s Guide
Explore how your group can use our curriculum, Building a New Economy: A People’s Guide, as a community organizing and engagement tool. Using interactive and participatory exercises, participants will work together to demystify ‘the economy’, chart out a collective vision for a new and just economy, and learn about existing initiatives and policies that promote cooperation and community control.

November 29, 2017 – How Do We Get There?
As we work to transform our economy – from one that is unjust, extractive, and unsustainable to a new economy that works for all – how do we ensure that the transition is equitable and community-led? Come learn about the concept of Just Transition, a critical framework for environmental and economic justice groups. Guest presenters will share how they’ve incorporated Just Transition and other democratic organizing principles into their environmental and economic justice campaigns in NYC and beyond.