Video: New York, We Got a (Housing) Problem

Posted by Monica Garcia

Have you heard the growing buzz around Community Land Trusts (CLTs)? Across the country, and right here in NYC, groups are coming together to promote CLTs as a way to create truly affordable housing, fight gentrification and give people a voice in how their neighborhoods are shaped.

CLT3New Economy Project and allies in the New York City Community Land Initiative (NYCCLI) are leading the charge in NYC. Together we are building support for CLTs, and recently incorporated the city’s second CLT in East Harlem.

Organizing for CLTs has been incredibly exciting. For many of us, the most interesting – and challenging – part has been getting people enthusiastic about something they’ve never heard of before. So how do we do this?  One way NYCCLI stirs up excitement is by creating popular education materials that show how CLTs can be amazing tools to meet community needs.

Our newest creation is a short video that explains the fundamentals of CLTs.  The video was produced through a highly collaborative process among NYCCLI members. Special recognition goes to Joshua Barndt, the project’s principal artist, who volunteered a huge amount of his time and applied his incredible talents to this video. Thank you, Josh!

Please watch and share the video widely. Want to learn more, or request a presentation about CLTs? Please check us out at We plan to continue sharing CLT materials on this blog so please stay tuned for more CLT buzz!