2016 Workshop Series

Workshop Collage

New Economy Project’s 20th Anniversary Workshop Series was incredible! More than 70 organizers and activists — representing two dozen community groups from throughout NYC — took part in five interactive workshops, exploring strategies to build a just economy in New York City and beyond. We were blown away by the rigor, open debate, and collaboration among participants — and we thank everyone who contributed to making this a very powerful and memorable series.

If you missed these sessions and want to learn more, feel free to contact us to request a presentation for your organization’s staff or members.

Below is a quick recap.

In Sessions 1 and 2, participants dug into our new curriculum, Make It Happen: A People’s Guide to Building the New Economy. The curriculum demystifies and addresses the failings of the current economy, and introduces models and strategies to build a new economy that works for all, including through cooperative and community-led development.

In Sessions 3 and 4, we explored specific strategies — including shareholder action and community-led research and mapping — to press for change, and presented tools and resources available to NYC groups. 

Our fifth and final session focused on the growing movement for community land trusts in NYC, as a strategy to create deeply and permanently affordable housing and address root causes of homelessness and displacement.

A big thank you to all of our fantastic participants for learning and building with us.