community land trusts

Next City — Second-generation NYC resident Rosa Custodio was born at Metropolitan Hospital Center, on First Avenue in East Harlem. Growing up on East 103rd Street, Custodio and her sisters sometimes slept out on the fire escape on hot summer weekends, blankets and pillows and all. They weren’t the only ones.

Expensive. Unsustainable. Exploitative. This is how community organizers and advocates described the NYC housing market, at “Community Land Trusts: Organizing for Community Control,” the final installment of our 20th Anniversary Workshop Series. The workshop built on themes explored in the previous four sessions – from new economy organizing to shareholder action and community-led research – as participants delved into the potential of community land trusts, or CLTs, to address root causes of homelessness and displacement in NYC.

The Awl — The NYC Community Land Initiative is an alliance of organizations, led primarily by New Economy Project and Picture the Homeless, that is working to establish community land trusts and mutual housing associations throughout the city, beginning in East Harlem.

Posted by Monica Garcia — Have you heard the growing buzz around Community Land Trusts (CLTs)? Across the country, and right here in NYC, groups are coming together to promote CLTs as a way to create truly affordable housing, fight gentrification and give people a voice in how their neighborhoods are shaped.

Posted by Claudia Wilner — On November 17, affordable housing advocates and developers, community groups, and unions gathered at City Hall for a hearing on the Mayor’s plan to create or preserve 200,000 units of affordable housing over the next 10 years. New Economy Project testified at the hearing on behalf of NYC Community Land Initiative, about why community land trusts should be a key part of the City’s plan.