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Daily News — Last Friday, hours before signing an executive order that put the Dodd-Frank financial reform law on the chopping block, President Trump name-checked Chase CEO Jamie Dimon. “There’s nobody better to tell me about Dodd-Frank than Jamie,” he said.

Translation: there’s no one better than Dimon to help gut Dodd-Frank.

Capital & Main — Torrance Chambers has been calling Andy Puzder for weeks to talk to him about a problem with his paycheck from the Hardee’s restaurant where he works in Birmingham, Alabama. Ordinarily, Chambers wouldn’t bother the CEO of the fast-food chain’s parent company, CKE, Inc., but he claims his shift leader, store manager and several higher-ups told him no one else could help him.

Next City — Second-generation NYC resident Rosa Custodio was born at Metropolitan Hospital Center, on First Avenue in East Harlem. Growing up on East 103rd Street, Custodio and her sisters sometimes slept out on the fire escape on hot summer weekends, blankets and pillows and all. They weren’t the only ones.

WNYC — Barack Obama took office on January 20th, 2009, amid the worst recession in decades. Months earlier, stone-faced men and women emerged from Lehman Brothers headquarters in Midtown Manhattan, carrying the remains of their jobs in cardboard boxes. Within a matter of months, Lehman Brothers became the nation’s largest ever corporate bankruptcy, insurer AIG had a near-death-experience, and Bear Stearns and Merrill Lynch had to quickly be sold to avoid insolvency.

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MarketWatch — “It’s a pleasure to be here, finally,” are not the words you might expect to hear from someone preparing to share their story of student debt woe to a room full of strangers. But that’s exactly how John Carter, a 77-year-old New York City resident, began before recounting the years of hassle he faced becoming current on his debt to a group of advocates and regulators gathered to hear how the student loan crisis is affecting New Yorkers like him.

Office of Council Member Jumaane D. Williams — “New Economy Project applauds Council Member Williams for shining a light on credit discrimination,” said Andy Morrison, New Economy Project’s campaigns coordinator. “Lending discrimination is a persistent abomination that denies New Yorkers economic opportunities and serves to perpetuate racial inequality and segregation in our city.”

City Limits — A coalition of seven New York state senators, four assemblymembers, one borough president, 25 councilmembers, a city agency and dozens of community groups, advocacy organizations and unions is pushing federal consumer watchdogs to create stronger rules governing payday loans — or at least not create regulations that undermine New York State’s strong barriers to predatory products.