August Countdown

Help us raise $10,000! This month, we’re counting down 10 ways your support helps us fight for economic justice for all New Yorkers. Check out the countdown below, keep an eye on  Facebook and Twitter for more items, and please donate. During August, donate $250 or more, or become a monthly sustainer, and we’ll send you a limited-edition New Economy Project totebag!


#10 – Putting Community Land Trusts on the Map in NYC

As co-leaders of the New York City Community Land Initiative, we’re spearheading community land trust (CLT) coalition-building, policy advocacy, and community education. This fall, we’ll be co-launching a CLT Learning Exchange to support groups organizing for CLTs and permanently affordable housing in their neighborhoods.


#9 – Producing Podcasts and Other Media to Amplify the Movement

Corporate media getting you down? Check out New Economy Project’s podcast, Let’s Be Real, to hear from the people and organizations at the forefront of the movement for economic and racial justice in NYC. Subscribe today, and please donate during our August #10for10 countdown to keep this work going strong.


#8 – Keeping Payday Lending Out of New York

Keeping dangerous payday lending out of New York is number 8 on our countdown of reasons to support New Economy Project’s work in August. 


#7 – Cutting-Edge Research and Community Mapping

Our neighborhood mapping & research supports economic justice organizing in NYC. Help us continue this work by donating during our August #10for10 countdown.